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company's history

1983’S Guangdong Yangjiang Food Machinery Factory was established.

1994’S The first biscuit production line was exported to Vietnam.

1998’S Our products entered Dongguan market, and after that our market share ranked first for many years.

1999’S We developed the first biscuit production line for making 1mm thickness crackers.

2003’S We develpoed the first soda cracker production line.

2004’S Yangjiang Thriving Food Machinery Manufacturer Co., Ltd. was established.

2005’S Our products entered Longhai market in Fujian province, China, and after that our market share ranked first for many years.

2011’S Yangjiang Wenva Yuandong Industry Co., Ltd. was established, and we developed towards diversification.

2016’S To promote the development of foreign trade business, our technology experience center was established.

2019’S Our foreign trade business accounted for 40%, and in the same year, our Foshan branch was established to implement the strategy of "big trade, fine factory, and large supply chain".