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6S management award ceremony in the second quarter of 2021

Time:2021-08-05 11:09:03 Source: Click:

July 13, the 6S award ceremony in the second quarter of 2021 was held.

Every quarter, we earnestly implement 6S management activities, and in line with the principle of "FAIRNRSS, IMPARTIALITY and OPENNESS", we check all employees of the company one by one, and finally summarize, average and rank them. Reward the top 20 employees with personal scores

6S management award ceremony in the second quarter of 2021(图1)
The 6th - 20th stage to receive the award

6S management award ceremony in the second quarter of 2021(图2)
The 1st - 5th place takes the stage to receive the award

Since we carried out 6S management, we have been based on the combination of learning theory and work practice, and the combination of supervision and inspection. While constantly learning the theory, combine the theory with the actual situation of the company, clearly convey it, from the company's management to ordinary employees, so that everyone can participate in it, guide the work according to the management, and form the habit of "working according to the system".
In the future, the company will continue to implement 6S management, continuously deepen and refine management during implementation, give full play to innovative thinking, make the company move towards standardized management, and make the company's management and plant appearance to a new level.

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